Senegal/Gambia: Trans-Gambia bridge to top Barrow’s visit to Senegal

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Gambia’s President Adama Barrow has arrived in neighboring Senegal’s capital Dakar on Thursday on his first official visit since taking power in January.

The two are top on two leaders agenda but the Trans-Gambia bridge, across the River Gambia to link Senegal’s north and south through the Gambia is the priority in talks to be held by Barrow and Sall.

Funding for the bridge, 942 meters (less than 0.59 miles) at US$65 million has already being provided for and it will connect to a major highway, which seeks to connect West African nations.

Jammeh has always used the bridge as a leverage when dealing with Senegal. He sees the Bambatenda-Yellitenda as a strategic security checkpoint that prevented an attempted coup in 1995 from becoming successful.

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