Sergeant Bussoh Former Jammeh’s Assassin Team Member Arrested

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Staff Sergeant Ousman Bussoh a police officer, allegedly contracted by former President Yahya Jammeh to torture and kill his perceived enemies have been arrested by the police informed Smbc News.

Sergeant Bussoh joined Jammeh’s paramilitary force as a private contractor on a D50,000 dalasis ($1,250) per month agreement. ‘Bussoh was arrested for killing and torturing Gambians on the orders and commands of former President Yahya Jammeh,’’ said a security source quoted by the online newspaper.

Bussoh is reportedly just one of the handful of contracted Gambian mercenaries hired by Jammeh during his repressive rule. The military’s spokesperson, Major Lamin K. Sanyang confirmed Bussoh’s arrest with at least two others, Warrant Officer Alieu Jeng and Warrant Officer Abdoulie Jallow.

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