Sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara on his 93rd birthday

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Gambain people wish a very happy birthday to their former president, Sir Dawda kairaba Jawara. He celebrates his 93 years today. May God preserve and protect him.

Born on May 16, 1924 in Barajally, CRR, Sir D.K Jawara worked as a veterinarian after his graduation from University of Glasgow in Scotland in 1953. His interest in politics made him join the Protectorate People’s Party (Later People’s Progressive Party) in 1959. In 1960, Baba Jawara won a seat in legislative election and was appointed Minister of Education. He became the Gambia’s Prime Minister in 1962 leading to our independence in 1965. He was knighted in 1966. The April 1970 referendum made Gambia a Republic and Sir Dawda becoming first President. The Gambia was one of Africa’s few successful parliamentary democracies with Sir Dawda and his PPP winning six successive elections.

verthrown in 1994 and having lived in exile in the UK for 8 years, Jawara was granted unconditional amnesty by former President Jammeh in 2002. He is recognized as Former Head of State with a monthly salary and other benefits of a former President of The Gambia.

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