Snapwhat…? WhatsApp new status update has it all..

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WhatsApp new status update is a new feature which lets users upload photos and videos to their contacts, it’s now live for users. Many have gone to the extent of comparing it with Snapchat .many think of it as a means of broadcasting fun to their contacts in one go.

The new feature creates much more fun as it gives users the chance to reply to various status updates and to know who screenshotted which conversation, the update lasts for only 24 hours and disappears after this period.

most people especially the women folk think it’s more user-friendly than Snapchat .

The security part of it provides three options “my contacts “,”contacts except”, and “only share with”, to select from as to who sees what updates have been made on their stories, the privacy settings is on the left top corner on iOS devices.

The new status update lets users know how many people have viewed their updates.

is WhatsApp posing a much greater threat to snapchat….? time will tell, its nearly one billion users. don’t be surprised if a lot more people start using WhatsApp.


Mamud Kifa Joof @Makifa

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