Social Media War between Two Fatty: Did Minister Fatty Block Journalist Sam Phatey ?

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Smbc Ceo, famous journalist Samsudeen Phatey better known as Sam Phatey, on last saturday, wrote that interior Minister Mai Ahmad Fatty has blocked him on facebook because of some stories he wrote about the Minister of Interior and his Ministry.

Here goes the post.


“So, Mai Ahmad Fatty decided to block me because of some articles SMBC published and the positions we took on some issues. Look, there is a difference between our personal and professional relationship.

I owe my loyalty to Gambia and I will hold accountable any public servant. I will not also suppress any article be it in your favor or not at the best interest of informing the public.

SMBC will continue to carry stories with divergent views and demand answers to the questions the public ask. We all have a job to do and I will not compromise the ethics of my profession.” 

SMBC news has been recently largely critised for writing news that people judge too much against the government, journalist Phatey said that it is only on the purpose of informing the public. 

Minister Mai Fatty has been tried to be reached out to  confirm the journalist’s allegation but we did not get any reply from him. Stay Tuned

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