Soldier Accused of Mutiny’s Health Condition Deteriorating

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Sarjo Jarju, Samboujang Bojang’s wife confirmed that his husband’s condition is deteriorating according to report published by smbcgo news.

LCpl Samboujang Bojang is a Gambian soldier who has been allegedly tortured by the State Intelligence Services, he is still admitted at a military clinic in Fajara. Ms. Jarju said LCpl Bojang suffered bruises on his hands and body and his feet were burnt. “He can’t walk now and has been in detention since he was taken to SIS,” she said. “I want those responsible for this to be held accountable because this is inhumane.”

 The military has restricted access to Bojang. Ms. Jarju is the only family allowed to see and conversations last about 5 minutes before she is asked to step out. Bojang is accused of taking part in a foiled mutiny. He was among no less than five people arrested last month.

The State Intelligence Services, whose agents under the defunct National Intelligence Agency were implicated in gross human rights violations declined to make any comments.

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