Strike: The staffers accused the debunk SMT of corruption and misplaced priorities

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The Staff and Faculty association that instigated the attack Wednesday met Higher Education officials and announced at a congress Friday that lectures will restart today.

Dr Ismaila Ceesay, the main figure behind the protest told the Standard not all of their expectations were met but appeared happy as a hall-packed crowd joyously applaud news of the SMTs dissolution and the resume of lectures today.

According to Gambiao. net, The staffers accused the debunk SMT of corruption and misplaced priorities, before embarking on a strike.

The staff association including student representatives met at the MDI and Dr Ceesay told them what was agreed at the Ministry of Higher Education. According to him, the ministry insisted the sit-down should end and regular classes begin latest Monday.

“Nobody wanted the situation to turn out this way, but we had no choice and there are serious problems here at the university which forced us to take certain drastic actions,” Dr Ceesay told the Standard. “The Staff association is now strong. We have been given a voice. And we can help develop this university.”

Dr Momodou Mustapha Fanneh, acting dean, school of business, argued that it is time for the staff of the UTG to be taken seriously.
“…Because we [the staff] are the University of the Gambia,” he boasted. “The staff and the students, we are the ones running the UTG. The management is just there to manage, so they have to take us seriously.”

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