There’s no Growing Rift Between Barrow and Darboe – Dembo ‘By Force’

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The national president of UDP Dembo ‘By Force’ Bojang has denied claims that there is a growing rift between President Barrow and Foreign Minister Darboe.

Bojang who is the special adviser to President Barrow on Religious Affairs, said contrary to the widely held belief, UDP is not divided into two camps – the Barrow Camp and the Darboe camp. He said there is only one camp in the UDP and that is the UDP Camp and that President Adama Barrow is in that camp.

Bojang, Bakau’s leading politico for several decades, made these assertions on Monday during an exclusive interview with The Standard at his office at the State House, Banjul.
Deriding the talks of a rift, Mr Bojang underscored: “Whether Barrow was elected through the Coalition [or not], he was the treasurer of the United Democratic Party. Whatever comes from UDP is UDP. There is no fraction in UDP.”


via- theStandard

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