Thione Seck & Assane Ndiaye Finally Reconciled

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The two brothers senegalese singers well known in the Gambia have been in conflict for more than a decade. Thione Seck and Assane Ndiaye have had an issue that ended up a cut of bridges, which lasted more than it should.

Several parents, relatives and friends, have tried before to put Thione Seck known for its spitefulness on good terms with his brother Assane Ndiaye but their efforts did not last. Oustaz Iran Ndao, religious preacher of Sen TV and Zik FM has finally succeded to reconcile them this Wednesday, August 02, 2017 

Tthe hatchet is buried between the Senegalese music stars, Thione Seck, and Assane Ndiaye. All’s well that ends well.

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