“This is victory for democracy” -President Barrow

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Gambia’s President Adama Barrow in his independence statement has said that the inauguration and independence celebrations is victory for democracy.

President Barrow made these statements at Independent Stadium in Bakau.

“This is victory for democracy,” President Barrow said.

The Gambian leader thanked the sub-regional bloc especially the government of Senegal in helping to resolved the political impasse faced by the country. He also commended the African Union and The United Nations for their support. The President further commended the Gambian electorates for their maturity in removing  the former government without violence. He also commended The Gambians in the diaspora for playing a crucial role in that process.

Barrow said the first country he will visit will be the neighboring Senegal where he will hold discussions  about the Senegambia bridge, borders among others.

President Barrow in his statement revealed that his government has great plans on foreign policies, health, education, agriculture and media among other things some of which he highlighted at the event.

“We will work to improve nutrition and sanitation in the Gambia,” he pointed out.

He has promised to improve the health facilities in the country, saying the health system would be great concern for his government.

He talked about the educational sector, promising to provide free basic education to the average Gambian.

“All must have access to affordable and quality education,” he asserted.

The Gambian leader has promised to invest on the country’s agricultural sector by improving the production base in order to create jobs for the young people. He also talked about his intentions of putting task on the Personnel Management Office to reform the country’s civil service. He further talked about addressing the energy sector.

“Regional Governors will be taken by civil servants and not political appointees,” he interjected.
President Barrow also talked about his foreign policies which he said will be an open door approach, saying he is willing to work with ECOWAS, African Union, European Union and United Nations among other international institutions.

He spoke about establishing a commission to look into the disappearance of Gambian people and other nationals in the country.

“This government intends to maintain national unity,” he pointed out.

President Barrow mentioned his government’s commitment to review the country’s media laws.

“We will ensure freedom of dessenting and dessiminating information,” he said.

Meanwhile, Barrow emphasized the intention to review the bad media laws and make laws that will be media friendly.

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