Three Ex-Governors Face Commission of Inquiry

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The Commission of inquiry into former President Jammeh’s assets has questioned three former regional governors in relation to D600,000 given to them by the former President for selling beef to Muslims
during Tobaski.

Ex-governors Omar Sompo Ceesay, Upper River Region, Omar Khan, Central River Region and Aminata Sifia Hydara, West Coast Region all testified on Monday.

Mr. Ceesay confirmed to the Commission he received D600,000.00 from the Central Bank of The Gambia to buy bulls and sell the meat to poor people in his region at affordable prices.

Aminata Siffai Hydara, also acknowledged receiving the sum of D600,000.00 from the Carnegie Mineral account from Central Bank for the same purpose.

On the issue of tractors, she said during her tenure as governor, four tractors were brought to her office by the Agricultural Department and two of them were given to the communities of Foni for their farming activities.

Meanwhile, the Ex-Governor of the Central River Region (CRR) Omar Khan testified that received D600,000 from Nuha Touray the then Secretary to Cabinet and Sanna Jarju former Protocol Officer to buy bulls.

Mr Khan further testified it was not his responsibility to sell meat. He added that none of the governors had written to the Secretary General to inform him that it was inappropriate for them to sell meat.

Next to testify was Fatou Mass Jobe-Njie, former Minister of Tourism and Culture. She confirmed that she was a signatory to one of the accounts called Mobilisation Account which was opened at Guaranty Trust Bank.

She said Dunes Hotel was bought by Kanilai Group International for $650,000 and the agreement was the buyer must pay the sum of D2, 400,000 as capital gain tax.

She made it categorically clear to the commission she did not know the source of funds the hotel was bought from as well as the money spent to build it.

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