Top Ten Most Beautiful #GambianTwitter

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Described as the most beautiful day of the Twitterverse, the hashtag #GambianTwitter is a hit on the internet since more than 48 hours. Loads of tweets are counted and even More than 36,000 tweets and as many retweets for Senegal who has broken the record ! Here’s a compilation of 10 of the most beautiful Gambians on Twitter.

★ Mrs. Water💦 ツ


Sainabou Laye Ndure‏ @LayeNdure

Fatou‏ @fatoujack_

Ngenarr-Yassin Jeng‏ @miss_petite_j

Ajie 💕‏ @ndellaphatou


Hadija Sillah‏ @Dija_sillah

oumie joof‏ @yaayikebba

aya‏ @fuIani

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