Tragedy incident struck the community of Ebo Town

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According to Daily Observer said on Tuesday around 00:07 midnight, seven Police officers on patrol entered their compound and asked for the deceased.

“I asked one of the police as to what they were doing in our compound; he (the police officer) told me that they were asking for El Hadrami. When they knocked his door, he opened and the police officers told him that some people stole some sheep and goats and said they sold them to you,” he explained.
The spource reveals that the officer that led the patrol team identifies himself as Corporal Badgie. Whilst the other officers were discussing with El Hadrami, he said that Corporal Badgie went separately with El Hadrami to the other side of the compound and continued the discussion with him.
Mr. Jatta explained that El Hadrami then entered his house to look for money, but could not find anything and told the police officers to go until the following day, as he was not feeling well and couldn’t go out to look for money at that point-in-time because it was late.

The officers then told him that he must go with them to the station so long he fails to fulfill his promise of giving them money.
“Through that push-and-pull, the officers started forcing the man out of the compound and in that struggle, the man fell down.”

According to the woman, those officers took D9000 from El Hadrami. She added that after that incident, El Hadrami was admitted for two weeks at the Kanifing Hospital because he was an asthmatic patient.

Isatou explained that around 12 to 1am, one boy woke her up, informing her that her husband had a confrontation with the police. “When I arrived at the compound where my husband was renting, I saw him lying down on the floor were the police officers left him after dragging him. I did not meet the police officers at the compound when I arrived,” the emotional lady told our reporter.
“This is very painful; we want the government to investigate the matter. Since I got marriage to El Hadrami, he had never been arrested in connection with any theft case,” she said.
Muhammed Hydara, another tenant in the compound said that immediately when the police officers left the compound, the deceased mobile started ringing, and they were private numbers. “The first private call was around 00: 41; the second was around 00: 42, while the third call came in with Africell line at around 03: 42. Her wife received one of the calls and the caller just asked her about El Hadrami and she told the caller that he was okay”.
The Mauritanian Consular in the Gambia also visited the family of the late El Hadrami, however, efforts have been made to reach him for comments, but it proved futile.
The Public Relations Officer (PRO) of the Gambia Police Force (GPF) Inspector Foday Conta, was contacted for comments, but he could not be reached.

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