‘Transmission Pipe Rupture at Brikama Treatment Plant Caused Water Shortage’ NAWEC Says

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Gambia’s water and electricity supplier, NAWEC said a rupture at its Brikama Treatment Plant water transmission pipe linking to major parts of the greater Banjul area is the cause of the current water shortage in the country according to report published on Fatu Network.

The burst affects the main transmission pipes linking Jambang Jelly to Brusubi and the other pipe heading to Farato to Cow Junction in Latrikunda. Over the past few days, the country is experiencing one of the worst moments in water and electricity crisis in the country.

Speaking to journalists during a tour of the site in Brikama, John Camara, the company’s director of water and sewage services said the burst occurred last Friday, 2nd May 2017 and they repaired it but unfortunately, additional work is still required on the pipe going towards Brusubi.

“The pipe heading to Cow Junction is now working and is in operation since Monday. Right now, work is ongoing and in an advanced stage for the pipe heading to Brusubi. We are at the finishing stage” he explained.

According to Camara, despite the problem, they have contingency measures to address the situation in the short term. He said for the past two days, they trying to provide water manually because all their tanks are automatic.

“Every day in the morning, afternoon and night, we go round and fill this tanks that help us to distribute water to a greater number of the community in the Greater Banjul Area. We are now manually filling our tanks for people to get water. Before people get 24 hours water supply but now they get 8 to 9 hours and I hope they will bear with us because it is a just short period of time” he said.


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