“TRRC a ‘Witch Hunt’ Against Jammeh” Yanks Colley

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The national mobiliser of the opposition Alliance for Patriotic Reorientation and Construction has said that the just launched Truth Reconciliation and Reparations Commission is designed to witch-hunt former president Jammeh.

Speaking in a Standard exclusive, Yankuba Colley said although truth commissions all over the world focus on unearthing the truth and healing divisions in societies that have historic legacies of systematic violence, “The Gambia’s TRRC will bring more divisions as it is purposely designed to witch-hunt Jammeh and his close associates.”

He said with the promise of reparations, “some people will come to the TRRC and fabricate stories against Jammeh just because money is involved”. The former Kanifing municipality mayor said he is “particularly worried that most of the TRRC members have rendered Jammeh guilty of the alleged atrocities even without establishing the facts”.

He expounded: “You see, I am not a bit in support of this TRRC because it will bring more disunity in the society than unifying us. What do we need the TRRC for? Have we gone to war? What had happened in this country that will warrant it?”
He said the setting up of the commission is “politically motivated” and that the commission will be turned into “a tool that will blackwash all the good works that former president Jammeh and the APRC have done in The Gambia”.

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