Tumani Sanno, Resident of Tujereng Estate, Shoot Dead by Mysterious Gunman

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Inspector Foday Conta of The public relations officer (PRO) of The Gambian Police Force (GPF) narrated that on Saturday 27th May 2017, at around 23:40hrs, a case of shooting incident was reported at Sanyang Police Station by one Ebrima Touray and Alhagie Jammeh according to the tabloid published on Daily Observer.

PRO Conta disclosed that: “According to Ebrima and Alhagie, they were brewing “attaya” (Green tea) in Alhagie’s room at Tujereng Estate and all of a sudden they heard a gunshot and after awhile, they heard someone shouting and crying for help.”

He added that Ebrima and Alhagie went to the scene and found a man lying on the ground crying but they later identified the said man as Tumani Sanno, an adult of Tujereng Estate.

According to PRO, Tumani, who was bleeding from the head, told Ebrima and Alhagie that an unknown gunman shot him while he was out to ease himself.Tumani was then escorted to the Sanyang Health Center via Sanyang Police Station and he is currently responding to treatment.

The Police PRO said an intelligence team was instituted and dispatched to search for the alleged shooter of Tumani but still at large.

“The Office of The Inspector General of Police appeal to the general public to help in the search for the alleged suspect shooter of Tumani, for quick dispensation of justice,” PRO stated.

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