Video: Roads from Basse to Koina Deteriorated Significantly

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The roads from Basse to Koina and Basse to Pasamass are indeed deteriorating. It is a one way journey by commercial vehicles to Basse from many settlements in those areas due to the condition of the roads. Pregnant women suffer continuous pain in ambulances from Fatoto, Koina, Garawal, Yorobawol and BajaKunda health facilities upon referrals to Basse Hospital. The condition of the roads also highjack activities that includes business and social.
President Barrow made a promise at Songkunda that, if elected into office come December 2016 presidential elections, his first signing of road contracts will be the High-ways of URR hence those roads were not at better service for the past fifty three years of self-rule. Expectations are indeed high that sooner than later Barrow will fulfill his promise.

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