Video : Unreported : Interview With Ebou Lowe’s Family PART 1

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Where’s Ebou Lowe ? Family members are lamenting the disappearance of Lieutenant Ebou Lowe, a former member of the Gambia Armed Forces, since 2006. ?
They say that on the 24 July 2015, when pardoned prisoners were being released by the State, they went to Mile Two Prisons to find out whether he was among those released but he was not seen and when they enquired from prison officials they were told that he was not there.According to a family member, Lt Ebou Lowe was part of over 30 people that were arrested for taking part in the foiled coup plot that was said to have been uncovered on Tuesday 21 March, 2006, when the Head of State was on a working visit to Mauritania. The head of the alleged coup plotters was the former head of the armed forces Colonel Ndure Cham.

The source added that Lt Ebou Lowe was arrested on Sunday 26 March, 2006 and detained in Mile Two Central Prison alongside other alleged coup plotters in 2006, and that when his uncle wanted to see him he was denied access.

The source further stated that since then they have never seen him; that the only time they heard about him was when a press release was issued on Tuesday 4th April, 2006, by the office of the Inspector General of Police, that five coup suspects, all security personnel, escaped while they were being transferred to Janjangbureh Prison in Central River Region.

Unreported Gambia did this Interview With Ebou Lowes Family. watch the part 1

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