Violent Robbery Attack at Manjai: Senegambia Beach Hotel Electrician Stabbed To Death

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A case of robbery occurred last night in Manjai-kunda, when unknown attackers stabbed a man, who goes with the last name Saidy Khan, to death.

According to article published by the Freedom Newspaper, Mr. Saidy Khan, 40s, resident of Manjai,  used to work at the Senegambia beach hotel as an electrician. He got attacked at night near the former Elton gas station now called Atlas petrol station in Manjaikunda. Saidy Khan’s killers  fled the scene of the crime after taking his life away in a gruesome manner. The killers are at large. The Manjai  police are currently investigating the incident.

The motive behind Saidykhan’s murder is unknown. A source, who contacted the Newspaper said: “ As I was going to work this morning, I found the police in Manjai-kunda, near the Atlas petrol station gathered. When I asked them what happened, I was told that a man by the name Saidykhan, was stabbed to death by unknown attackers. I believe it happened in the early hours of today.”


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