We Will Fix NAWEC – President Barrow Reassures

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President Adama Barrow assured Gambians that his government is on his way to fix the problem of the national electricity company (NAWEC). 

He reassured that NAWEC is a “top priority” of his government during his visit to assess the state of affairs of the power station.“The public are concerned, we are also concerned. This electricity problem remained unsolved for 50 years, and now we are here and we want to solve it,” Barrow told the Point  reporter after an hour’s tour of the country’s main power plant in Kotu on Friday.

A new Generator No. 8 landed at the power station a day before, and it will be up and running within a month, officials assured the President.

Generator No. 7 is also being assembled at the manufacturing plant as NAWEC officials assured that they just returned from inspecting its progress. It is expected to be in the country by end-October.

“I know it is a challenge to everybody, but the political will is there to solve the problem of NAWEC and the electricity problem in this country. Fundamentally, we believe in that,” Barrow said.

Dr. Hakim Muhammad, the consultant for the installation of the 11 megawatts new generator at Kotu said the works at the power station was 80% completed. “This means it is possible to have the generator running by February 2018.”


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