Will Jaliba Kuyateh Stop Singing After Hajj ?

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Jaliba Kuyateh The King of Kora will join thousands of Gambians to perform Hajj this year. The question has been raised about whether he should resign and stop singing after coming back from Mecca, Jaliba said that he will not stop singing, adding that it is impossible for now.

“Stop singing that is not possible. I’m not stopping, it is not possible.” “why can’t I go for Hajj and after that continue to play.” Jaliba Kuyateh replied Tuesday at his Brikima Residence during an interview with Omar Wally of Daily Observer. 

When asked why go to the Hajj now, Jaliba said he has been planning it for quite a long time to perform the fifth pillar of Islam (Hajj), but it always coincides with people contacting him to go for European tour. “Last year, I intended to go but my brother was sick that was an obstacle,” he said.

Jaliba noted that he is the last person among the famous musicians in the region to perform Hajj, Youssou Ndour, Baaba Maal and others all went for Hajj and were never questioned, suggesting maybe that is Senegal. He added that in The Gambia, Alagie Fabala Kanuteh, Banna Kanuteh, Alagie Bai Conteh and Amadu Bansang Jobarteh all these elderly people went and after performing Hajj that was the time they started again, “so I see no reason why I should stop.”

Jaliba said he plans to open a radio station. “I have also introduce my multi-purpose center because when I retire that will be my resting place.” He disclosed that he will be launching his twin albums on 6th January 2018, which he said contain over 14 tracks he concluded.

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