A Woman Arrested for Stealing a Gambian baby in Allumhareh Village

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Mariama Diaby, a 22-year-old woman from Guinea Conakry was arrested in Velingara with a baby stolen from Gambia.

She had left her country a few weeks ago to go to the Gambia crossing Senegal. Diaby introduces herself to the lady Adja Sidibé, selling some vegetables to help her to hold her baby while he was crying. Suddenly she disappeared with the male baby. She sets out on the road to Velingara to rally Jawbeh.

After giving her the baby, the accused woman then told the child’s mother that she wants to buy bread in the next shop. The accused then went with the baby to Vellingara car station located in Basse Mansajang and took a vehicle for Vellingara in Senegal.

According to Enquête, when the mother of the child realized that she could not find her child, a search was lead in Allumhareh village to find out the woman, but they could not find her.

The child’s mother then reported the matter to the Basse police station, which led to a marathon investigation with a view to arrest the suspect.

As the information went viral in Basse, some inhabitants in the town confirmed that they saw the accused person entering a vehicle going to Senegal, which led the Gambia police informing their Senegalese counterparts. With joint investigation by the two authorities, the suspect was arrested in Jawbeh.

However, reported the daily Enquête disclosed that there was argument between the Gambian and Senegalese authorities. “The Senegalese wants the lady to be tried in Senegalese court for the fact that she was arrested in Senegal while the Gambian officials said the incident happens in the Gambia and that all the witnesses to the case are in the Gambia, after lengthy discussion between the two authorities the suspect was brought back to the Gambia.”

The accused person is claiming that she is been married for years and she is not blessed with a child.

However, our reporter has been informed that the accused person was married and she was having two children but all of them have passed away.

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