Wrestling: ‘Rambo’ Battered in Senegambian Derby

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Bakau-based wrestler ‘Rambo’ cut a forlorn figure Sunday night following his humbling defeat in an all Senegambian derby.

Senegalese phenomenon Ndongo Lo traveled over to make his debut appearance in the Gambian arena after a chequered career in Dakar.

Lo moved over to Serrekunda to redeem his reputation with Bakau’s Rambo accepting offer to take him on.

In a combat signed not long ago by promoter Lamin Cham, It took Ndongo Lo four minutes forty-six seconds to emerge victor

Rambo took the trouble to touch down in Senegal and was taken under the custody of Siteu who endeavoured to train him for days in the build-up to last Sunday’s meeting.

However, these sessions apparently did not have an effect at least by what Rambo showed on day of the fight, getting beaten in a less than five minute duel.

Rambo immediate retreated at whistle of start, looking a bit unsteady before Ndongo chased him out of the sacks with torrent of blows as the crowd that once cheered the Gambian went quiet.

The Bakau-based wrestler earned a warning at resumption of the battle. His pattern of incessant hand-swinging did not change until Lo launched an attacked as a grapple ensued.

Rambo made an attempt to flip his opponent judo-style by pulling him down but it did hold together to which the Senegalese responded with a quick push which left Rambo sprawling sideways on the ground amid uproar.

In other duels, Tapha Tine overcame Sanneh.

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