Yaya Jallow Broke Police Station’s Flag Pole out of “Dizziness”

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One Yaya Jallow has been dragged yesterday before Magistrate F.B. Sallah on a charge of breaking the Latrikunda Piccadilly Police Station’s flag pole daily observer reported.

The offence  has been commited on 9th July, according to first prosecution witness; Fatou Sanneh said in her testimony that she was on duty on that day when she received a phone call from one Ansumana Jagne informing her that there was a fight at Piccadilly Bar. She said she told Mr Jagne that she would not be able to go there because she was heavily pregnant.

She said she later saw a crowd approaching the station with Mr. Jallow, who was seriously bleeding.
“When they arrived at the station, Mr. Jallow was misbehaving and displaying seriously. He went out of the station and hit the pole and broke it and the flag fell down. I called the Bundung Police Station commander to provide a reinforcement team to arrest Mr. Jallow.”

Mrs. Sanneh said two officers were sent and they escorted Mr. Jallow to Kanifing Hospital for treatment. She said when they returned, she wrote her statement and Mr. Jallow was cautioned and charged. Picture of the pole that Mr. Jallow allegedly broke was tendered and marked as exhibit A.
During cross-examination, Mr. Jallow said he could not remember breaking the pole, demanding to see the pole. “In fact, I was out of my senses because I was dizzy at that time,” Mr. Jallow told the court. But Mrs. Sanneh responded to him that the pole was already fixed back and the picture is tendered but the broken pole is parked at the station.

Mr. Jallow told the witness that she drove him out of the station, but she denied that allegation. “Who told you that I was fighting?” Mr. Jallow asked, but Mrs. Sanneh responded that one Mr. Jagne–Jallow’s friend called and informed her that he was fighting but Mr. Jallow denied that Mr Jagne is not his friend. Mr. Jallow  pleaded not guilty to charge.

Matter is adjourned to 8th August, for hearing.


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