As A Young African, Is This The Best Time To Be Alive? by Baboucarr Njie

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Considering that we are growing into potential leaders everyday, there is a possibility that a large number of people will depend on us. How about we find a way to make it through by being practical on setting out trails which people will be able to follow?

We truly would not be proud to be financially dependent on our parents when we have dependents, I wouldn’t. Though, we should appreciate and be damn proud of some of our parents achievements, which has created countless of opportunities for most of us. Unfortunately most of it is being wasted.
A hand full of us keep on complaining about the lack of resources such as time, funding, weather conditions and more, yet we are wasting every second complaining about the lack of time.
How about we find a way to make it through to make sure that we do not disappoint the people who believe in us (as a young optimistic african with a mindset of a pan-African). Each of us have got different reasons. Those reasons may be your family, your community, your country or even the less privileged young African working in the mining industry in Congo, Ghana and Angola, who deeply believes that our generation of entrepreneurs and leaders will eventually eliminate the risky lives they live.

How can this be done?

We have got agriculture, technology, talents, we have enough resources and most importantly, the pan-African gene that runs in each of us. Why not look within our inner selves and make a way instead of looking outwards and looking for reasons?. Being resourceful and taking full advantage of our resources could actually help.
Unfortunately most of us (young Africans) today are so focused on showing off what we think of the good life and how good we are living it. The scariest thing is that most of us have actually never worked for it. Why don’t we ask our selves this question, “Why do most of the successful people in Africa today come from less privileged (poor) families?”.
This is because less privileged young Africans have continuously been wishing to have the chances some of us currently have. They have a completely different perspective of how our daily opportunities can be utilised effectively, which they translate to act as a power source to multiply wealth. Instead, these are the opportunities we keep abusing, knowing for sure that there is another one just around the corner.
An obvious instinct which just popped into my mind is that at the moment you are reading this, a less privileged African youth is currently out of education due to their inability to pay school/tuition fees. But in the mind of that youth, along with his hunger for success, he is thinking about his dreams and willing to execute on any opportunity that comes up for him to shine. Sadly, it is unfortunate that this less privileged young African will not be able to access my write up because he probably has no internet connection, an iPad or an iPhone. I am neither a hero nor a mind reader but my instinct clearly tells me that this less privileged African youth will access this blog one day and realize that he was not alone in the struggle, and that I considered that he(m/f) also had a dream.
If you have read up to this point, you surely are destined to pave the way with me. Would it even hurt if we humble ourselves by using our opportunities and resources wisely (including me). There is no better feeling than focusing on the relevant and executing on the ideas you believe would make a way for you and your community. The__Africanist wants you to earn that actual good African life, and live it.

PS…..To the person thinking that nothing good will ever happen to you in your life, start searching….

I am Gambian ,
I am Pan-African ,
I am The__Africanist .

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