Zainab Jammeh Seen in a Dakar’s Restaurant?

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Zainab Suma Jammeh Former First Lady of the Gambia has been spotted in Dakar Senegal, Sidi Sanneh a Gambian blogger reported on his blog over the weekend.

According to him Mrs Jammeh was spotted in a hotel “Beluga Restaurant” in Dakar where he reportedly had dinner with prominent Gambian businessmen Amadou Samba who are known to be close to Jammeh during his presidency and Samuel Sarr, Businessman and former Senegalese Minister of Energy. 


However, according to the blogger soon after posting the said sighting on his blog a number of people called him threatening him. ”After eleven (11) phone calls (9 from Amadou and 2 from Samuel) and five voice messages (3 from Amadou and 2 from Samuel), some threatening, some insulting but all designed to intimidate me, it did not only leave me wondering why these two bad hombres would stay up all night to make such calls, but it got me thinking that there is a great deal more to it than meets the eye. Consequently, I have taken measures to mitigate any eventuality because thecries of these two hombres are acts of desperation. Needless to say, the story that Amadou Samba and Samuel Sarr had dinner with Zainab Jammeh at the Beluga Restaurant in Dakar last night is true and I stand by it 1,000%. said the blogger.

“Uncle your story in Zainab is 100% accurate. We were able to independently confirm,” an independent witness responded to the blogger confirming that Mrs Jammeh was indeed in Dakar, Senegal.

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