Zeinab Jammeh’s Secret Transactions Revealed

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Snippets of exiled Gambia’s former president Yahya Jammeh’s wife’s financial transactions have been laid bare before the commission of inquiry on Jammeh’s assets Gambia News revealed.

Moroccan-born Jammeh’s wife Zeinab Sumouh’s ins and outs have long interested Gambians giving Mrs. Jammeh’s then seemingly insatiable penchant for traveling abroad -trips often funded from public coffers. Her dealings are slowly beginning to come to light as it emerges that the 39-year-old had an account opened in her name at the country’s Central Bank dubbed the First Lady Account.

Opened in the summer of 2013, Principal Banking Officer at the central Bank Karamo Jawara, continuing his testimony yesterday, told of how $69,276.59 was paid in a hotel for Zeinab and her delegation while on a trip. Jawara claimed a further $185,000.00 was also paid to the Gambia International Airlines relating to the erstwhile First Lady’s travel to Saudi Arabia.
With top government officials like ex-SG Momodou Sabally, Nuha Touray, Halimatou Tambedou used as signatories, Zeinab, it’s revealed, had two accounts , one in dollar and the other in dalalsi – Gambian currency.
$32,988.71 was deposited in the dollar’s account, an exactly amount of which was later withdrawn, according to Jawara without giving duration or how the money was spent.

The mother-of-two, regarded as one the sexiest and yet the most cash-splashing African First ladies, is reported to be shuttling between Equatorial Guinea where husband Yahya Jammeh is in self-imposed exile and birth place Morocco.

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