Zimbabwe: Mugabe Warns Schoolkids Against ‘Dozing Off’

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Longtime Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe, who has been known to close his eyes in public, has told schoolchildren that they must “remember to guard against dozing off during lessons.”

Mugabe, 93, was addressing children gathered at an indoor sports center in Harare for a big party on the eve of Independence Day commemorations.

As a few children amid the sea of royal blue, burgundy and white uniforms jostled excitedly during the president’s speech, Mugabe joked that they must not “feel tempted to turn lessons into a siesta”.

The father of three, who is himself a former teacher, urged the children to behave well in school.

Mugabe’s official photographer has said that when the president closes his eyes, he’s actually “deepening his concentration”.

Schoolchildren may do well to remember that phrase.

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